CEN Guidelines for chemicals in child use and care articles.

The European standardisation organisation CEN has published a new guideline on chemicals in child use and care articles (CEN/TR 13387-2 "Child use and care articles - General safety guidelines - Part 2: Chemical hazards"). It includes on the one hand recommendations addressed to the standardisation bodies in charge of this product group how normative requirements addressing chemical hazards should be set and, on the other hand, it is also targeting a broader audience with a professional interest on this subject. The document includes information on the regulatory and normative background which is relevant for this product group, explains tha basics of chemical risk assessment and gives comprehensive recommendations for setting limits for a number of chemical substance families. Further, there are annexes with existing regulatory requirements and a template for a set of chemical requirements. These guidelines are based on rules which are applicable to toys. They were developed under the lead of the Consumer Council.

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