Another study on fragrances in e-liquids

The fifth study commissioned by the Consumer Council on e-cigarettes looked at various aspects of flavouring substances. Among other it was investigated whether the 280 e-liquid flavourings identified in this and previous studies are used or restricted in other areas. It was found that 221 out of these (79%) are approved for use as flavours in food and 3 of them are not allowed to be used as a food flavours above the maximum levels specified. None of the 280 identified flavours are prohibited substances in cosmetics. However, 29 of them (10.4%) are restricted in cosmetic products. Further, the study calculated additional limit values for 67 new flavouring substances in e-liquids. In total suggestions for limit values for 102 flavour substances have been determined. One part of the study looks at the composition of flavours. A specific flavour (e.g. strawberry) can be blended in many ways using a variety of different compounds at different concentrations. This could facilitate the substitution of substances found to constitute a risk. The study can be downloaded using the link below.

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