ANEC position paper on e-cigarettes and e-liquids

ANEC published a position paper entitled "E-cigarettes and e-liquids - Limits for chemicals - Basis for discussion" in July 2019. This paper was drafted by F. Fiala, Head of the Office of the Consumer Council. It is based on several studies the Consumer Council had commissioned.

The paper contains proposals for limits for 39 substances in e-liquids (3 metallic contaminants and 36 flavours). In addition, there are also proposed limits for 7 substances in emissions (3 metallic contaminants and 4 degradation products). The suggestions in the present paper are intended to stimulate a debate on the need to establish clear-cut substance specific rules for e-cigarettes and e-liquids (with or without containing nicotine) at legislative and normative levels. For instance, they may contribute to the developement of European standards prepared by CEN/TC 437 “Electronic cigarettes and e-liquids”.

The paper can be downloaded here:

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