Study “chemicals in consumer products”

A further study of the Consumer Council on the subject of “chemicals in consumer products” was finalized in December 2012. Whilst the first two parts focussed on the analysis of the existing regulatory provisions for chemical substances in products in the EU the goal of this study was to outline the necessary measures to fill the existing gaps. Legislation in the following areas was addressed in concrete terms: materials in contact with drinking water; materials in contact with food; packaging; emissions to indoor air from indoor materials; personal protection equipment; clothing; products for children; electric and electronic products and flame retardants in various products. This study is available as PDF-file.

  • Chemical requirements for consumer products 3 Legislative proposals for materials in contact with drinking water and food, packaging, indoor emissions, personal protection equipment, clothing, products for children, electric and electronic products and flame retardants - PDF 1.15 MB
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